Our Internal Protocol

Respect for people, respect for nature and the desire to be loyal to our future: these are the values that guide Duca di Dolle winery.

The very first goal DDD property family onwers have since the very beginning it’s always been the most natural management of the territory and of the vineyards for the production of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. The Organic EU Protocol embraced till year 2014 cause several major problems in particular the last season (2014) putting us in dire straits. We discovered that this protocl is not suited to the particular soil and climate of the estate, and no efficient considering different age of vineyards with different altitude, exposure and others specific problems. The use of permitted substances from Organic Regulations, including some metals such as copper, threatened to sterilize various portions of the vineyard. The inability to “customize” the process of farming the plants according to the specific needs of each particle has brought the property (always called to research and development) to identify an internal protocol with the most advanced solutions to improve not only the vines conditions but also the surrounding environment. Starting from vintage 2015, therefore, Duca di Dolle has replaced the Organic Certification with the Internal Protocol NSØ (acronym for Natural, Sustainable and residual Zero) to do that Duca di Dolle has launched a series of collaborations with Universities and Research Centres, Schools of Oenology, well known winemakers and agronomists, to reach internal guidelines that would guarantee, through experimental techniques and innovative technology, the best care of the vineyard and at the same time the minimal residual chemicals in the wine and in the environment.